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젠 ([personal profile] taecyeon) wrote2014-09-13 10:14 pm
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so [personal profile] fick tagged me for this meme like over a week ago and I'm finally getting around to it. yes I'm lazy and forgetful I know.

ONE ▬ a screenshot of your desktop
TWO ▬ a screenshot of itunes
THREE ▬ a screenshot from another open program
FOUR ▬ a screenshot from a browser tab

one; a screenshot of your desktop

two; a screenshot of itunes

wow fuck me it took me to this meme to realize I didn't have the genre category filled out w winner's album until now THIS IS DRIVING THE OCD IN ME INSANE TBH

three; a screenshot from another open program
I have no interesting programs/apps sorry ;;;

four; a screenshot from a browser tab

and bc sara is evil she also tagged me for another one ;;;

comment with a pairing and/or prompt and i'll write something short for it.

just as a warning there is ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEE that these will ever be written. I still have major issues with my writing that make it difficult for me to post (mainly my standards are too high for even me to reach) but maybe this will inspire me to do something decent? and trying never hurts so I will attempt this ;;;; just don't expect anything lmao

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